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Competition on demo accounts

Would you like to verify your skills as an investor on the Forex market and compete to receive real cash prizes? Take part in our competition which starts on:

Start June 8th 2017 and finish June 30th 2017

Results updated every day

Competition will begin already on June 8th 2017 at midnight and each registered demo account will be connected to the system live. We will be updating the accounts of our Clients every day, up until June 30th, when the final update will be performed and the winners selected. After selecting Top 10 Traders we will contact them within 48 hours from the closing of the competition. At the same time, we will be processing payments for the winners according to their position in the competition. Every participant of the competition can choose the form of investing on our demo accounts freely. Scalping, hedging or automated strategy are among others allowed. Each demo account user may invest on 30 currency pairs and the owners of real accounts can choose from as many as 60 currency pairs. Account TBGContest will be activated on 08.06.2017 at 00:01.


We are organizing a competition on demo accounts with very attractive prizes. It starts on June 8th 2017 at 00:01 by adding a deposit in the amount of 10 000 to demo accounts.. The best investors, who will have the highest deposits on June 30th 2017, will receive real cash prizes!
We have prepared them for Top 10 Traders:

1.$2000          6.$500
2.$1500          7.$400
3.$1000          8.$300
4.$700            9.$200
  5.$600           10.$100

Competition on demo accounts with Trust Broker


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