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New Client Offer - Free $50 No Deposit Bonus


  1. Click here, click no deposit bonus tool promotions
  2. Login to your Personal Area
  3. In the “My Profile” tab, click the “Edit Profile” section and fill all the required fields
  4. Then Click on “Upload Document” section, upload a document showing your proof of address, and a second document that confirms your identity
  5. If the account is verified, please send an email to support@leoprime.com and claim your No Deposit Bonus of USD $50.

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Promotional Terms & Conditions

We provide you the opportunity to start trading in the Forex market without any deposit and risk as we set a better way for our new clients to check our service and also to allow them to enjoy trading without any commitments.

  1. The term “Company” in these Terms and Conditions refers to LeoPrime.
  2. The term “Agreement” refers to anything laid out in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Bonus refers to the No Deposit Bonus and can sometimes be just referred to as the “Bonus” in these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Bonus refers to an amount of USD $50.
  5. No Deposit Bonus can be obtained by every new client who has passed the verification process.
  6. The No Deposit Bonus can be obtained only within 10 days from the moment of registration on the Company’s corporate website leoprime.
  7. This No Deposit Bonus will be valid for only 30 days from the date the Bonus has been claimed.
  8. The Bonus will be credited out automatically after the validity ends.
  9. The Bonus cannot be withdrawn.
  10. The No Deposit Bonus can be used only once. It can only be obtained by new clients for one trading account.
  11. The No Deposit Bonus is not available for the Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and the Crypto Account.
  12. You have to complete four Standard Lots with the given validity of this No Deposit Bonus.
  13. If traded in Crude Oil (WTI), 10 Standard Lots are calculated as one Standard Lot.
  14. Your account leverage must not exceed 1:500.
  15. Your traded positions must exceed the 5 minutes. Trades excited before that time will not be considered valid trades for the company. 
  16. You are only eligible to withdraw the profit that you make from this Bonus, and your profit will be available for withdrawal once you have completed the required lot size. (For Example: If you have completed 4 Standard lots within 30 days, and you have made some profit from it. We will be removing the $50 Bonus from your trading account, and you can withdraw your profit from your personal area.)
  17. If you have not completed the lot size in the given period, the Bonus, as well as the profit you have made, will be removed from your trading account.
  18. In case of fraudulent activities, such as a Bonus is received by the same client for several accounts, multi-directional orders, or meaningless lots generating etc., the company reserves the right to cancel the account(s), the whole amount of Bonus paid, and the profit gained with this Bonus without notice.
  19. If a relation between the accounts (IP address, the same devices used, etc.) as well as the use of services that provide anonymity (VPS, proxy, VPN, networks such as Tor, etc.), is detected, then the company reserves the right to, after investigation, cancel the No Deposit Bonus and any earned profit/s.
  20. Price feed errors, internet interruptions, and connectivity delays sometimes create a situation where the prices displayed on the Trading Platform do not actually reflect the market rates. Trading strategies aimed at exploiting such errors in prices (or) concluding trades at off-market prices or taking advantage of these internet delays are not permissible on the Trading account.
    If the Company, with a valid reason with proof, suspects that the client, based on his/her trading strategy or other behaviours, deliberately and/or systematically exploited or attempted to exploit such errors in prices and/or off- market prices, then the Company is entitled to take one or more of the following counter measures:
    a» Restrict or block access to the Trading Platform,
    b» Terminate this Agreement immediately,
    c» Close the client’s account immediately,
    d» Remove any of the client’s trades,
    e» Take legal action for any losses suffered by the Company.
  21. Using unlicensed copies of Windows can also lead to the cancellation of the Bonus, since the analysis algorithm for the accounts affiliation detection can automatically verify and detect the operating system’s license data. The Company reserves the right not to disclose ways to detect unverified accounts or associated activities, as well as any fraudulent actions.
  22. The Company reserves the right to amend or modify the campaign terms without prior notice.
  23. The official language of the Agreement is English. In case of variant readings of a translated version and the Agreement in English, the Agreement in English are considered as a prior reference standard.

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New Client Offer - Free $50 No Deposit Bonus


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