Forex Bonus & Bonus Categories

Take advantage of every promotion Forex you can as long as it is free. In most cases the traders can benefit from deposit bonuses and by trade rebates at the same time. Participation in rebate plan should cost nothing, so if some of the Introducing Broker fees demanded advised to avoid it and look for another.

As a suggestion, remember that online Forex rebates are important but only as long as the Forex Broker that they offer their high-Regulated and provide Technologically Efficient Trading Platform.

Promoting alternatives that are usually offered by the Forex Broker is Trading Bonus.

Most Forex brokers offer an incentive for traders called Forex Bonus. One of the most common types of Forex Bonus is called 'Welcome Bonus' and is offered as a free gift for the first time deposits. Another type of bonus is 'Deposit Bonus' is offered to existing customers to make an additional deposit. Finally, there is also a Forex bonus called 'No-Deposit Bonus' and offered to clients does not exist, only to open a real trading account without depositing any funds.

Why no deposit bonus?
No deposit bonus means a bonus given to traders by trader without having to make a deposit in advance. This is commonly known as Bonus Bonus Welcome to attract traders want to try to use the features offered by trading forex broker.

Usually the requirements needed to get No Deposit Bonus is upload the identity such as ID cards. Driver's license or other supporting documents such as proof of address.

No deposit bonus is different from a demo account, because in your demo account just given virtual money for you to use when trading. While at No deposit bonus, if you make a profit from your trading, profits can be drawn or pulled (according to applicable regulations), if you experience a loss / loss, you do not lose anything.

You can try real trading with no deposit bonus on the main page of the website.

Forex Trading Rebate
Forex Bonus is a great way to start Forex trading, for more advanced traders there are other incentives that are called rebate of Commerce, the following are some of the rebate Fx Trading Forex Currency:
Forex rebate given to merchants as an incentive to open new accounts in certain Forex Broker. Join Forex rebate plan means getting cash back cash from Forex trading. A Forex Rebate is actually a program that works as a discount coupon on behalf of Forex Traders.

Forex Rebate Type
Rebate Forex trading can be cashed by traders in various forms, for example:

1) rebate per lot traded Forex
2) Forex Rebate per spread charged
3) Forex Rebate per commission charged

How A Performance Rebate?
Here is how the rebate works Forex trading is a few steps:

1) Broker and Trader Select Join using an Introducing Broker Rebate Plan
2) traders start trading he charged a commission or spread, or both
3) broker pay a portion of the spread or the commission to Introducing Broker
4) Introducing Broker to pay back most of this award for Trader

And that is how the Forex cash-back was sent to the trader.

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