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Robo Forex Welcome Bonus 30 USD – Know Everything about It

Robo Forex which is the ideal broker for many traders is now giving welcome bonus of 30 USD. This broker is offering variety of bonuses and one of them is this special welcome bonus. Traders who don’t have lot of money to invest in trading may definitely like to go for this amazing bonus. Know about the 30 USD bonus of Robo Forex as it may definitely be very useful for you.

For getting the welcome bonus from Robo Forex, you’ll need to first complete the verification process. Verification includes verifying the personal information as well as verifying the phone number. The only rule for getting 30 USD welcome bonus is that you’ll need to deposit 10 USD. This special bonus offer is only still 31st of this month and that’s why you need to hurry. One of the benefits that traders have is that they can withdraw the 10 USD bonus as and when they want.

 Important Terms and Conditions
  1. Only those who have completed the verification bonus will get eligible for bonus.
  2. Traders who have already got any type of no deposit bonus or those who took part in ’15 USD Bonus for verified clients’ won’t be eligible to get this 30 USD bonus.
  3. Depending on the account type, you’ll be provided with 30 USD or 3,000 cents.
  4. Only the clients having MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 accounts and having USD as the base will get eligible for bonus.
  5. Every client will be able to get the bonus for one time only. Don’t try to open one more account to get this bonus twice as the account may get banned.
  6. Traders from all countries will be eligible for bonus except Republic of Indonesia and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  7. Once a client fulfills the requirements, he or she shall be sent an email containing the special bonus coupon code.
  8. Bonus will get credited in your account within 5 business days.
  9. Bonus amount can be cancelled anytime by Robo Forex and it may even debit your account if it considers that you’ve wrongfully utilized the bonus scheme.
  10. The bonus provided by Robo Forex should be used in a year as its maximum validity is one year and if you won’t use it for a year, then it will get written off from your account.
You’ll be able to not only withdraw the profits, but also the bonus once the required volume is traded. Not only currency pairs, but also metals are taken into account while counting the trading volume. This Robo Forex’s welcome bonus of 30 USD seems to be a good one as all the terms and conditions seem to be declared.



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