25$ no deposit bonus» usgfx

Applying for a real account $ 25 free
  1. Open Live account type (standard account)
  2. Activating the mobile phone number and e-mail in order to get $ 25 in your account
  3. I start trading
USGFX provide real account $ 25 for free, according to the terms and conditions below:
  1. By opening a trading account in this presentation Customer acknowledges that he has agreed to be bound by these conditions
  2. The offer for new customers to the company, existing customers are not eligible for this offer
  3. This promotion is available to retail clients only. IB & IB's clients are not eligible for this promotion.
  4. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer for the account
  5. You can pull the equivalent profits after the implementation of trading five decades size lot standard
  6. Commands that will not be recognized in trading volumes
    1. Open purchase order and ordered the sale of Ay one currency (hedging) one thing is counted only two
    2. It does not allow the rapid circulation of at least 3 minutes at this type of account
  7. It does not include the $ 25 offer free types of MAM, PAMM
  8. $ 25 will be canceled from the account in case of non-trading for a period of 60 days
  9. $ 25 will be canceled from the account if the terms of this offer evacuation
  10. Usgfx reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at its sole discretion

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