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Terms and Conditions
General Terms: 

Welcome Bonus $50 is a special welcome bonus, which is given to CIBfx clients, who have fulfilled the conditions of the program. Promotion period is from 01.03.2016

Live trial account details are as follows: 

CIBfx will advance $50 trading credits to each live trial account . The account type will be set as micro.

Live trial account instructions: 

  1. The validity of a trial account is 30 days, starting from the registration day. The account will expire automatically if no deposit has been made to activate the account.
  2. Each client can receive this Bonus only once.
  3. This bonus program can not be added under any IB accounts. 
  4. The $50 in the trial account is advanced trading credits which is not allowed to be withdrawn. However, the client can withdraw earned profit in 30 days after the trial account activation.
  5. To comply with Global Anti-Money Laundering Policy, the client who accepts the trial account will have to open a micro account in CIBfx, and provide genuine personal data for registration. The client will then receive the $50 trading credits through the registered account.
  6. The bonus is not available to the existing clients.
  7. Welcome Bonus are limited to one IP per client and any family members, such as brothers, sisters, spouses, lineal descendants and collateral descendants are not allowed to participate in the Promotion.

Receiving the Bonus

  1. To receive the bonus, you have to fulfil the following conditions:  √ personal information verification  √ after verifying  account client must send a bonus request email to support@cibfx.com 
  2. Verification process can take up to 24h (working days) 

Working with the bonus

  1. Clients can use in trading both their own funds and the bonus funds without any limitations. In this case, the bonus funds can be used during "drawdown" – i.e. if the equity on the client’s account becomes less than the bonus funds, the bonus will not be written off from the Client’s account until Stop Out takes place.
  2. During "drawdown", the client’s own funds will be written off in the first place, including the cases when these funds were deposited after receiving the Bonus.

Funds withdrawal from Bonus account

  1. The $50 in the trial account is credits which is not allowed to be withdrawn. 
  2. The profits can be withdrawn from the account if the total volume of closed transactions exceeds 500 micro lots (5 standard lots) for each bonus dollar, after deposit of minimum amount $50 made. 
  3. Minimum withdrawal amount is $50 from the profits made. 
  4. When calculating the trading volume, we take into account those transactions on all currency pairs and metals (CFD instruments don’t participate in the offer), which were opened and closed after the client received the Bonus.
  5. To withdraw profits of trading account, client must complete total volume. 
  6. Maximum amount of profit, available for withdrawal from bonus account, can not exceed 400% of the given bonus.

If there is any suspicion or indication of forex arbitrage trading, fraud, bonus abuse or any other form of bonus manipulation (such as risk free profiting), CIBfx, at its absolute discretion reserves the right to remove all previously credited bonuses from all trading accounts connected to the client, disqualify the client from all future bonuses and/or close or suspend all current orders and any profits gained. CIBfx also reserves the right to temporarily/permanently close all trading accounts affected. CIBfx shall not be liable for any ramification endured due to bonus cancellation.

CIB has the right to change bonus terms and conditions without any prior notice. The most essential condition of "Welcome Bonus " offer is the company’s right to cancel the bonus received by a client earlier without giving any reasons and/or advance notice, as well as cancel all transactions made using Welcome Bonus . This condition is considered to be accepted by a client starting from the moment of depositing Welcome Bonus to his trading account.

Risk Warning: Forex trading implies that you're voluntarily taking possible risks of losing your funds.

cibfx no deposit bonus


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