50% Deposit bonus» PROGREX

  1. The action involves all types of trading accounts.
  2. How to get a bonus for deposit
    a) Register or Login to your personal area
    b) Open a new trading account;
    c) Deposit to a new trading account or already opened account using any payment system.
  3. Company gives Bonus 50% for each deposit and for any amount of deposit with any payment system.
    (For example, if you deposit of $ 200, the bonus will be $ 100).
  4. Operations are not counted as “deposit” for the action
    a) Internal transfers between client accounts
    b) Any awards, bonuses and compensation from the Company
    c) Refunds due to cancellation of the request for withdrawal.
  5. The bonus credited to the terminal to the “Credit” and is designed to maintain an account with the loss and for increase of trading volumes.
  6. Bonus deducted from the account
    a) In the event of any withdrawals from the account, internal transfers (Deducted from shares of withdraw amount. For example, a clientdeposit account with $ 1,000 and get a bonus of $ 500. After that translated $ 100 to otherr account. Bonus of charging the amount in this case is $ 50 )
    b) If the account balance is negative and there are no open positions
    c) If the equity will fall to the level of credit in the trading account.
  7. Bonus amount move from the column “Credit” to the column “Balance” and are available for withdrawal, if the trading volume is equal to the amount of the bonus. The amount calculate $1 of bonus for 1 trading lot. (For example, a bonus of $100 will be available for withdraw if positions would be closed with the total volume of 100 lots).
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50% bonus for each deposit!


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