Weltrade Rebate»

Rebate is available for registered clients of www.gretonganforex.com both new clients and old clients.

for old clients listed on our automated www.gretonganforex.com already set in calculating the rebate.
for clients who do not have an account weltrade and want to get a rebate from us please register here.

Rebate is available for the all account type.
For the rebate calculation rules covering all transactions closed by the client with minimum pips gain or loss from the transaction to get a rebate.

Rebate is credited every day provided that it meets the MTP (Minimum Trade Point).
Rebate consists of 2 kinds of rebates and rebates from us.
Rebate from broker credited to moneybox usd weltrade.
rebate from us automatically credited every day on My Save menu, you can login member area and go to My Save menu.

For those of you who already have a trading account, you can get rebate by moving your account under our IB, you must send an email to the broker. Or you have signed up for another IB and want to move to IB gretonganforex.com to get rebate way with contact support center broker respectively.

How To Move IB Weltrade:
Email Weltrade Support to move your account under our IB, please format the email below:

Subject of e-mail: Please enter my account at IB ?R1=ipartner&r2=4953


I am very interested to join gretonganforex.com rebate project and I ask you to move my account under gretonganforex.com Introducing Broker.

Please provide my account (fill in your account number here) under IB 4953

And let me know when it's done. Thank you so much for your attention and help.

(Fill in your name)

After all you complete please translate again, then send to the following email address partner@weltrade.com

Get your rebate»

What's forex rebate?
forex rebate is sharing or for the results of the commission we get from forex brokers. Each time you pay a spread on every open your trading positions, as partners are paid by the broker from most of the spread, then we return the portion of us to you as the result of an Introducing Broker with the trader. We provide the highest rebate among other rebate sharing, which provides sharing rebate of the large spread of each completed transaction, regardless trades that profit or loss. The more you trade, the more you will get USD. Rebate forex you can also use to get profit from any side fix your trading transactions.

Get 95% Rebate with www.gretonganforex.com



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