1. GRATIS USD 100 !

    Klik link di bawah ini untuk membuka EZY BASIC LIVE Trading Account Anda hari ini!


    1. Saya sdh buka menu untuk dapat bonus kok g ada?

  2. syarat wd nya apa om?

    1. terahir saya lihat update syarat harus selesaikan 100 lot. entah sekarang ada perubahan lagi atau gk soalnya kemarin sempat berubah2 syarat wdnya. ini broker masih baru dan t&c belum fix, menurut saya kurang bagus

  3. You are allowed to withdraw all the profits you make when you complete a total of 20 lots of trading.
    A minimum of USD 100 is required per withdrawal.
    If you have any further questions regarding the documentation, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 
    Select EZY BASIC account the account where the Welcome Bonus will be received after you have completed your KYC and submission of documents. 
    Fulfill the required trading turnover and withdraw $100 
    1. The Profit can be withdrawn only after trading turnover at the account achieved a total of 20 lots.
    2. Minimum Profit, which can be withdrawn after turnover conditions are met, is equal $100. Withdrawing the Profit for the first time, all the funds will be debited from the account, including the Bonus itself.
    3. It is strictly prohibited to get the Welcome Bonus again by using a new registration! It is also prohibited to get the bonus if your relative or a close person has already received the bonus.
    For complete details kindly visit http://ezyfx.la/trading-account-conditions/



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