50$ no deposit bonus» tahoefx

Link: www.tahoefx.com
Manager Platform: QQ-193580678 Phone -13370056559
Effective Period: June 5, 2017 - July 31st
Bonus Amount: $ 50
Application conditions: open an account on the old and new customer platform

Withdrawal condition:
1 without time limits the use of grants
2 advantages can be extracted at any time, bonuses will not be deducted when gold can continue to use
3 transactions, bonuses to funds that can be extracted, the conversion formula is: * transaction volume closing $ 5; Funds can be converted at any time of batch extraction
[Other Description]:
1 registered account, select the account type "A standard account"
2 Platforms, new and old customers can participate, restrict A standard account with card ID if multiple accounts, you can only specify one account, can only participate once
3 landed personal background, click on the action button "application account to send gift", Prompt arrival grant, credited to "credit" form
4 Thailand official confirmation of the exchange as a misuse of authorized customer, including but not limited to hedging transactions by any means other than operating software and other irregularities related to the use of arbitration, the Company reserves the right to cancel the transaction and provide profit with the bonus Stock
5 Final interpretation of all Companies
6 Original activities

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