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We offer you to replenish a deposit to the amount from 100 USD (in any currency) and receive bonus +100% on the amount of every replenishment and VPS server free of charge.

The bonus is added regardless of the selected trading account type upon the replenishment to the amount not less than 100 USD.

Terms of action
The condition for receiving a bonus is to agree with the rules of conducting this special offer and activating bonus + 100% and VPS server, in the menu of the trading account replenishment, “Finances” section.

It is just enough to check the appropriate fields in the section “Finances” menu while replenishing a trading account to activate bonus +100% and make a request for receiving a VPS server.

  • Minimum deposit from 1 USD
  • All Company’s clients who replenish an account within the special offer period are admitted to taking part in the special offer.
  • The bonus can be charged to all account types as well as to the SAFE accounts, regardless of deposit and account currencies.
  • The bonus is not charged to the accounts for the Binary Options trade.
  • The bonus can be charged upon replenishing the account to the amount equal to 100 USD or more.
  • The Bonus +100% can be charged either to the new trading accounts or to the accounts opened earlier.
  • The total number of the charged bonuses within the special offer period is unrestricted.
  • VPS server is granted for the period of 30 calendar days and can be given only to one profile of the client.
  • VPS server service can be renewed automatically provided that, on the expiry of 30 calendar days form the moment of receiving a VPS on offer, there was a replenishment of the account to the amount equal to 100 USD in the next month within the frame of this special offer.
  • VPS server is granted on general conditions of the service use, with an exception of the charge for the first month of use..
  • In case when the period of VPS server on offer use expires, a client can renew the service on general conditions of the service use.
  • The bonus +100% is charged as a credit and is not available for withdrawal.

Upon charging the bonus the trading account balance does not change. The amount of the added bonus funds increases the margin capacity during transactions and thereby allows increasing the trading amount on the trading account.

During the funds withdrawal from the trading account to which the bonus was charged, the proportional deduction of the bonus funds equal to 100% from the withdrawal amount in relation to the charged bonus amount occurs.

During the funds transfer from the trading account to which the bonus was charged, the bonus funds amount is deducted proportionally to the amount of transfer in relation to the charged bonus. Concurrently, the bonus equal to 100% from the amount of the transferred funds is charged to the trading account to which the transfer was performed.

The bonus is not subject to the transfer to the accounts for Binary Options trade..

Additional conditions:

  • The bonus can only be charged in difference between funds replenishment and withdrawal from the trading/ safe accounts that have been replenished during the special offer period and have been performed in the same Personal Cabinet.
  • The Client has the right to refuse from the bonus funds charging and/ or granting the VPS server service . For this purpose, performing the replenishment of the trading account to the amount equal to 100 USD or more, it is necessary to unselect the box in the appropriate fields of the Personal Cabinet.
  • While making a request for the VPS server, please take into account that the deposit amount to which the VPS server has been received cannot be withdrawn earlier than in 30 days from the moment of activating the service. Said otherwise, you cannot receive the service and then withdraw the funds. In such cases, the server will be cut off.
  • Should the special offer conditions abuse is detected, the administration is entitled to cancel the received bonus and/ or VPS server.
  • The bonus cannot be lost. In case of a negative floating profit (Equity) occurrence on the trading account, the margin requirements calculations completely depend on own funds on the account.
  • The bonus is owned by the Company and can be cancelled at any time without any reason given.
  • The Company is entitled to terminate the “Deposit bonus +100% and VPS to a present” special offer at any moment without any reasons given.

Get a bonus for each replenishment of the trading account in the amount of 100 USD.


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