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  1. Register a bonus account with $50.00 on it
  2. Use the money to get 30 days of active trading and trade 3 lots
  3. Invite 5 friends to join
  4. Succeed and request to get your prize of $50.00 on it


  1. Challenge period lasts for 50 calendar days;
  2. Order volume per ticket is 0.01 standard lot;
  3. Sum available for withdrawal is $50.00;
  4. Required number of active trading days is 30 
  5. (Active trading day is a day when 3 unique orders were opened or closed);
  6. Maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 3;
  7. Equity Balance of account will be removed after the Challenge period;
  8. MXC reserves the right to cancel any prize or account that found against with any trading condition or existing policy;
  9. Trading with Expert Advisor is not allowed;
  10. Any arbitrage and hedging trading is not allowed

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