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How to get the bonus?
  1. Register new account,
  2. Deposit your account at least 100 USD
  3. Mark the line "Get Bonus on Deposit" in the form Deposit
  4. Select the size of preferred bonus
  5. Read and accept the "Deposit bonus Regulations"
  6. Click the "Deposit".
  7. After that the bonus will be automatically added to your account!

Each deposit a minimum of 100 USD can be duplicated
Up to 20 000 USD bonus funds that can be received by each client
Profits available for withdrawal anytime
Withdrawal benefit will not cancel the bonus itself
The bonus Becomes available for withdrawal after the bonus rules are met
Deposits are made using the payment methods available to Participate in promotions

Deposit bonus rules:
  1. Bonuses are applied to all trading accounts.
  2. The client has an opportunity to choose the amount of the bonus:
    10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% on every deposit from 100 USD and more.
    The amounts of deposits are not summed, the bonus can be received only on the one-time deposit (For example, the client deposits 50 USD and 50 USD, this will not be considered as 100 USD and the bonus will not be credited). Deposits made using Any available to JustForex clients payment system participate in the bonus program. To learn more about the payment systems that are available
  3. Special Deposit Bonus rules may take place for some of the payment systems.
  4. The account deposited with less than 100 USD does not participate in the promotion.
  5. The limitations on the maximum bonus amount that can be received are the following:
    10 000 USD is the maximum bonus amount that can be received on one trading account;20 000 USD is the maximum bonus amount that can be received on all the client's trading accounts.
  6. In order to get a bonus the client should mark "Get a Deposit Bonus" in the deposit form of Back Office, choose the bonus amount, read and accept "Deposit Bonus rules" and click "Deposit" button.
  7. The bonus will not be received for the internal transfer between the client's accounts.
  8. The bonus funds are credited to the trading account in the field "Credit" and can be used as additional margin for trading. The detailed information is displayed on the "Received bonuses" page in the client's Back Office.
  9. In order the bonus funds to be transferred from the field "Credit" to the field "Balance" and the funds become available for withdrawal or further trading, it is required to conduct the trading operations in the total volume of:
    < Number of Lots > = < Bonus amount > / 4 for Classic accounts;
    < Number of Lots > = < Bonus amount > / 3 for NDD accounts.
  10. Bonus can be received for every deposit for the sum of 100 USD and more, but in this case the required volume (according to the clause 9 of the present rules) is traded consecutively according to the order of deposits.
  11. The following orders are not considered in the calculation of traded volume:
    orders with the trading result which is less than 3 pips;
    orders closed before the account was deposited to participate in the bonus program.
  12. Until the moment the required volume is traded, only the profit can be withdrawn. To remove the restrictions on the withdrawal of deposited funds, which participate in the promotion, the bonus should be canceled in the "Status" column on the "Received bonuses" page in the Back Office.
  13. Upon the completion of the conditions of the bonus described in the clause 9 of the present rules, it will be automatically transferred from the field "Credit" to the field "Balance" within 2 hours.
  14. The maximum time to trade the required volume is 90 calendar days from the moment of depositing the trading account. After the lapse of the named period, in case the conditions described in the clause 9 of the present rules are not fulfilled, the bonus will be canceled. Bonus may be also canceled prior to the end of the period in case the funds on the trading account of the clients are: Equity ≤ Credit.
  15. Upon the reaching Margin Call level on the trading account, clients do not receive the notification in the trading terminal.
  16. There are no restrictions on the partner revenue share from the trading accounts that participate in the promotions.
  17. The company reserves the right to change, update or cancel this promotion without the prior notification.
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ECN Zero
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Leverage up to
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