20% Deposit bonus» ESPLANADE [with Fasapay]

Bonus 20% to every deposit on a trading account with Fasapay

Esplanade Market Solutions offers all its clients to take advantage of a new attractive offer – Bonus 20% to every deposit on a trading account with Fasapay.

Bonus 20% is not limited in its minimum or maximum amount and is given for every deposit regardless of profitability or loss ratio of the trading operations.

To increase your deposit on 20% you need to do the following:

1. Open and deposit a new trading account via FasaPay.

Please, pay attention that the Bonus 20% is not compatible with any other types of bonuses offered by the Company. If your trading account hasn’t ever been credited with bonuses, it’s not compulsory to open a new account.

2. Send request and get the Bonus 20%.

You need to send your request to bonus@esplanade-ms.com with the name of offer “Bonus 20%” and the number of your trading account which has been previously deposited via FasaPay.

The offer is available only for verificated accounts.

Pay attention that if you deposit via other payment systems besides FasaPay, the Bonus 20% will not be credited to your account.

You can find detailed information about the terms and conditions here

Get Bonus 20% and close your first profitable lot right today!

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20% Forex Deposit Bonus ESPLANADE with Fasapay


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