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RoboForex "Rebates (Cashback)" program allows verified clients to receive some part of the spread (commission fee) for all account types. The bigger the monthly trading volume on your account, the more Rebates you can receive. You can use the received funds in any way you want without any limitations.

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Receive Rebates for the trading volume of just 10 lots!

10 - 1,000 -----> 5% Of spread
LOTS 1,000 - 3,000 -----> 10% Of spread
LOTS MORE THAN 3,000 LOTS -----> 15% Of spread

Please note that "Rebates (Cashback)" program rates for cent accounts are 10 times less than for accounts of Standard and ECN types.

Examples of calculations

Calculation method: % of spread

Rebates amount is calculated separately for each symbol and then is summarized.

Your account: Pro-Сent
Instrument: EURUSD
EURUSD trading volume over the month: 30 cent lots
Rebates rate: 0.5%
Spread for 1 lot in money terms: 14 US Сent
Rebates amount: 30 cent lots * 14 US Сent * 0.5% = 2.1 US Сent

(1 standard lot = 100 cent lots)

Calculation method: % of spread + % of commission (Zero Spread instruments)

Your account: Pro-Standard
EURUSD trading volume over the month: 20 lots
GBPUSD trading volume over the month: 10 lots
EURUSD.z trading volume over the month: 10 lots
Rebates rate for calculating % of spread: 5%
Rebates rate for calculating % of commission: 5%
Spread for 1 lot of EURUSD in money terms: 14 USD
Spread for 1 lot of GBPUSD in money terms: 20 USD
Total commission for trading EURUSD.z over the month: 100 USD
Rebates amount:
(20 lots * 14 USD * 5%) + (10 lots * 20 USD * 5%) + (100 USD * 5%) = 14 USD + 10 USD + 5 USD = 29 USD

Calculation method: % of commission

In this case, Rebates amount is calculated based on the total commission over the month.

Your account: ECN-Pro
Trading volume on the account over the month: 5,000 lots
Rebates rate: 15%
Total commission for trading over the month: 27,000 USD
Rebates amount: 27,000 USD * 15% = 4,050 USD

Terms and conditions of "Rebates (Cashback)" program

The program is working on the permanent basis and available to all clients with demo, cent, standard, and ECN accounts, who passed the complete verification.

Rebates amount is calculated based on the monthly turnover of closed transactions on the trading account.

For calculation of the trading volume, we take into account all closed orders of all trading instruments available to your account type, except CFDs.

Payouts are made on the first day of each month with the comment "Rebates" in the account history.

Rebates (Cashback)" program is available to all types of MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 and cTrader accounts.

"Rebates" you receive are not a bonus and there are no special conditions for them, a client can use them any way they want.

Detailed statistics on your trading volume can be found in Members Area, "Your Rebates" page.

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ROBOFOREX Rebates (Cashback) Service


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