TRADE360 Cashback Rewards «Broker Rebate»

Trade360 invites you to come get part of our profits.
Get money back on every single trade.

Get Cashback»

Trade360's revolutionary platform now offers you Cashback on every position you open no matter if you buy or sell.

Make a simple deposit of $250 and receive your first Cashback Target.

Check your progress every day by looking at the tracking circle surrounding your Target to see how much you have left to earn in order to get your Cashback.

Target Types Available:

Smart Rewards:

Trade and reach a specific dollar amount. You can earn more Cashbach Rewards by opening trades on every single asset - BUY or SELL. The bigger the position, the more Cashback You'll receive! Complete your goal and click "Get" to collect your rewards.

Pump Up The Volume:

Opening Trades on any asset has never been more exciting! Don't stop trading until you reach your trading volume goal. Simple enough, right?

Quick Tip: Positions with larger trading volumes help you reach your target more quickly. You can use the power of leverage to help you open larger amounts on every asset.

Every-Day Trader:

Trade every day for a specific number of days in a row to get your Cashback. Trading on a daily basis will make you a successful investor!

In The Zone:

Simply open as many positions as you can. Increase your chances of profiting by trading multiple assets! Once you reach the number of trading positions required, you can go ahead and collect your Cashback.


Once you've hit your target goal, simply click on the Get button at the bottom left of your screen. The funds will be instantly added to your account.

When your Cashback has been transferred to your account balance, you'll be assigned your next target.

Trade. Get Paid!

TRADE360 Cashback Rewards


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