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1. Introduction
1. GMO-Z.com Trade UK Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”, “ours”, “ourselves”, and “Z.com Trade” as
appropriate), is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“the FCA”) under
firm registration number 622897. The FCA’s registered address is 25 The North Colonnade,
London, E14 5HS. Our company number is 8261027 and our registered address is Becket House,
36 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DD.

2. The Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions (herein after referred to as “these Terms and
Conditions”) are provided in addition to the Agreements and Policies provided by Z.com Trade to
set the conditions of the Deposit Bonus (the Bonus). The latest published versions of these
documents (excluding any further or separate arrangement that we may have entered into with
you) are available from our website at trade.zcom (“the Website”), and are effective
as soon as they are posted on the Website.

3. All of our legal documents are available in English, and can be found on the English version of our
corporate website. Translations into other languages are provided for referential purposes only.
For the avoidance of doubt, the English version shall prevail in the event of any inconsistencies or


4. The Bonus Offer (“the Offer”) is available for Z.com Trade clients who have opened an MT4 Live

5. The Offer is limited to be redeemed once, on one Live Account per client. Clients with multiple
trading accounts are not eligible to redeem the Offer more than once. Further details of the Offer,
including Withdrawal Requirements and Expiry can be found in subsequent sections of these
Terms and Conditions.

6. Z.com Trade makes the Offer available to any Eligible Client(s) and/or jurisdiction(s) it deems
appropriate, and reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decline the registration of any client
for the Offer. Furthermore, Z.com Trade reserves the right to disqualify any participant in the Offer
who manipulates, or attempts to manipulate, the operation of the Offer, or breaches these Terms
and Conditions or any of the Agreements and Policies set forth on the Website. Z.com Trade shall
not be liable for any consequences of a cancellation of this Offer, including closing open or
pending orders on any of the trading platforms provided by Z.com Trade.

7. This Offer is not available to employees or family members of employees at Z.com Trade.

8. This Offer can be used in conjunction with the Welcome Bonus offer. Z.com Trade reserves the
right to change the redemption of this Offer in conjunction with the Welcome Bonus and any other
offers, and such changes will be made via a notification on the Website.

9. This Offer is available to clients who hold a Standard Account, as defined in section 11.10 of the
Customer Agreement. Clients who have a Non-Standard Account are not eligible to redeem the
Offer. If an account which was used to redeem the Offer is changed to a Non-Standard Account,
the Offer will be removed from the account.

Offer Redemption Details

10. Eligible Clients are able to receive the Bonus, in accordance with the table below when making a
deposit into their Live Account, by applying for the Offer by the end of the next business day
following the deposit being credited to the their Live Account (herein after referred to as the
“Nominated Deposit”). The Nominated Deposit may only be one deposit, and cannot be applied to
multiple transactions.

Nominated Deposit (GBP, EUR, USD) Bonus Received (GBP, EUR, USD)
100.00-399.99 usd = 20.00 usd
400.00-999.99 usd = 100.00 usd
1,000.00-3,999.99 usd = 200.00 usd
4,000.00-9,999.99 usd = 1,000.00 usd
10,000.00 usd+ = 2,000.00 usd

The Nominated Deposit and Bonus Received are applicable at the same amounts regardless of
the base currencies of the account.

11. Clients may apply for the Offer by sending an email to the Z.com Trade Client Services Team at
support.trade.uk@z.com, before the end of the next business day following their deposit being
credited to their Live Account.

12. The Bonus can be withdrawn after the Eligible Client’s trading volume reaches the required
number of lots (on a “one-way” basis) in accordance with the Bonus Received (herein after
referred to as the “Withdrawal Requirement”) as outlined in the tables below, and dependent on
the instrument traded (Forex or Metals, Indices and Commodities products). Only the whole
bonus amount is allowed for withdrawal, and it is not possible to partially withdraw the Bonus.

Bonus Received (GBP, EUR, USD) Withdrawal Requirement for Forex Products
20.00 usd = 180 lots
100.00 usd = 900 lots
200.00 usd = 1,800 lots
1,000.00 usd = 9,000 lots
2,000.00 usd = 18,000 lots

Bonus Received (GBP, EUR, USD) Withdrawal Requirement for Metals, Indices and Commodities Products
20.00 usd = 300 lots
100.00 usd = 1,500 lots
200.00 usd = 3,000 lots
1,000.00 usd = 15,000 lots
2,000.00 usd = 30,000 lots

When an Eligible Client trades a combination of Forex Products and Metals, Indices and
Commodities Products, the Withdrawal Requirement will be calculated on the basis of 9 lots
required for every 1 currency unit of Bonus Received for Forex Products, and 15 lots required for
every 1 currency unit of Bonus Received for Metals, Indices and Commodities Products.

13. The profit derived from the Bonus is eligible for withdrawal. If a withdrawal is made before the
Eligible Client’s Withdrawal Requirement is met, the entire amount of the Bonus Received will be
immediately deducted from the Client’s Live Account.

14. If the Withdrawal Requirement is not met within 3 calendar months after the Nominated Deposit
month, the Bonus will be immediately withdrawn from the Client’s Live Account. For example, if a
Client nominates their deposit in September, the deadline for meeting the Withdrawal
Requirement will be the final business day of December.

15. Upon termination of the period referred to in clause 13, any remaining open positions which are
margined by the Bonus will be closed out after 5 (five) working days. Z.com Trade holds no
responsibility in any losses caused by the closing of open positions in this case.
16. Whereby the Eligible Client has received the Welcome Bonus offer, the Withdrawal Requirement
for both offers shall be counted together, from the point at which the Deposit Bonus has been
credited to the Eligible Client’s account. For example, if an Eligible Client has received a Welcome
Bonus of 30.00 USD and 100.00 USD Deposit Bonus, and subsequently traded 900 lots of FX
products, the Eligible Client shall be considered as meeting the Withdrawal Requirements for both

General Terms

17. The Bonus (or part of the Bonus) cannot be transferred between multiple accounts held by the
same Client with Z.com Trade.

18. Z.com Trade reserves the right to change or terminate this Offer at any time and without prior
notice. Any such changes or terminations shall be posted on the Website. All Eligible Clients
participating in this Offer should consult these Terms and Conditions beforehand. Please be
aware that participating in the Offer constitutes acceptance and agreement to abide by any
changes to the Offer.

19. Z.com Trade reserves the right to revoke a previously credited Bonus from Clients who abuse the
spirit of this offer, including but not limited to, any forms of arbitrage (including arbitrage in
collaboration with other Clients), abuse, manipulation, or any other forms of fraudulent activity so
as to indicate that the Client aims to benefit financially solely from the abuse of this Offer. In these
circumstances, Z.com Trade reserves the right to deduct the Bonus at any time, close out any
open positions which are margined with the Bonus obtained, and either temporarily or
permanently close the account of the Client(s) suspected to, or found to be abusing this Offer.
Under no circumstances shall Z.com Trade be held liable for any consequences of the Bonus
settlement, including, but not limited to, position closure.

20. Z.com Trade will not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of trading in relation to this
offer. Trading in leveraged products carries a high level of risk. Your losses may exceed
your initial investment requiring you to make further payments. These products are not
suitable for everyone and you should seek independent advice if you are in any doubt.
Please ensure that you fully understand the risks.

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